How To Adopt A Child From Guatemala

by Kim

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Thousands of children of all ages live in orphanages awaiting parents to take them in. In Guatemala alone, it’s estimated that over 370,000 children are living without a family of their own. Unfortunately, if you are looking for information on how to adopt a child from Guatemala, it’s important to note that the United States is currently not processing Guatemalan Adoptions. If the law changes, however, here is some information that could help you with the process in addition to how you can currently help the orphan children of Guatemala beyond adoption.

Change The Life Of A Child

Orphan children are ready for new families to adopt them and treat them with love and affection. International adoption is one of the most common types, and adopting a child from another country may be easier than you think. Those who adopt typically visit an orphanage to meet the children and to see if one or more of them are a perfect fit for the family. Make no mistake, your efforts can give a child a completely new chance at a living normal, happy life.

Preparing To Adopt

Adoption is an extremely rewarding experience, but it is crucial that families have a realistic idea of how it will change their lives. The first part of preparing to adopt is understanding what exactly it entails. You will be providing a home for a child who truly needs it. It’s worth considering what the financial needs will be for the child and how long you will be able to continue providing for them as a guardian. Planning a trip to visit an orphanage will give you a chance to meet the children and see what their lives are like.

Other Issues To Consider Before Adopting

  • Where will the child stay and sleep?
  • What age do you prefer to adopt?
  • How will you provide for a child’s dietary and medical needs?
  • Who will help you with the daily responsibilities of raising the child?
  • What are the laws in your state?
  • Are you open to adopting a child internationally?

The Adoption Process

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to adopt, you can begin taking steps toward finding a child that could be the perfect new member of your family. These steps include finding an agency or lawyer, choosing the type of adoption, and deciding on the orphanage that you’ll be adopting from.

Once you’ve made a match, gotten an independent study, and have submitted all required forms, it’s just a matter of time before the child you chose may join your family. Since adoption can be a roller coaster of emotions and logistics, it is recommended to seek professional help to guide you through the challenges of preparing, choosing, and waiting for your child. While there may be challenges along the way, your actions can permanently provide a child with a loving family.

Help The Orphan Children Of Guatemala With Hogar Heroes

We hope this quick guide on how to adopt a child from Guatemala was useful. We’d like to stress again here that adoptions from this country are currently unavailable to U.S. citizens. Fortunately, there are many other ways to help the orphan children of Guatemala.

If you’re adventurous and willing to volunteer, you can join the Hogar Heroes program on a volunteer trip to work with the children and orphanages. If you’re able to provide a donation to aid our work in funding and supporting the operations of orphanages in Guatemala, your contribution will go directly towards helping the children who need it most.

, and become a Hogar Hero.

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