The Most Beautiful Places In Guatemala

by Kim

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Although Guatemala has been in the news most recently for a tragic eruption of one of its 34 volcanos, the country is known for tourist destinations that are unlike anywhere else. Those who love incredible sights and shopping experiences can explore lively cities that are centuries old and rich in culture. Adventurous visitors can explore the majestic caves and ancient ruins of Guatemala. Discover some of the most beautiful places in Guatemala!

Cities To Explore

While many countries have cities worth seeing, the cities of Guatemala are one-of-a-kind destinations that are rich in culture and history. These are some of the most popular destinations:


As a former capital, Antigua has long been a popular location, yet it remains a must-see for visitors of all types. Among its can’t-miss locations are the Catedral de Santiago, a historic cathedral that was destroyed by the earthquake of 1773.


Better known to locals as Xela, there is nowhere else quite like this second largest city in Guatemala. Located in the Southwestern region of Guatemala, the city features Mayan historical sites and a temperature that’s a lot lower than other parts of the country. Quetzaltenango is truly one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala.

Ancient Mayan Ruins

Guatemala is known as the original home of one of the world’s most advanced ancient civilizations, the Mayans. As such, many of the Mayan ruins still remain standing. These ruins are among the most beautiful places in Guatemala and the world. Some of the must-see ruins in Guatemala include:


Located just one hour from neighboring Mexico, Zaculeu is considered the “white city” of the Mayans. The site served as the capital of the Mam Kingdom from 250-600 AD and is unlike any other ancient ruin because of the white stone used in its construction.


Considered the epicenter for Ancient Mayan culture and ruins in Guatemala, Tikal is among the most popular tourist destination in the country. Designated a natural and manmade World Heritage Site by UNESCO, thousands of tourist visit Tikal each year to experience the thousands of ancient structures that can be seen there.


Translated to mean “Green Waters”, Yaxha is one of the most prominent Mayan destinations in Guatemala. The site was made popular again when it was featured on the hit show Survivor Guatemala: Mayan Empire in 2005. For a phenomenal view, make sure you visit Structure 216 while in Yaxha. It’s 100 feet tall, and you can explore the remains of a temple on its summit!

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