10 Guatemala Facts For Kids

by Kim

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Guatemala is a country with plenty of opportunity for adventure. With ancient ruins, exotic cities, and more than 30 volcanoes, it’s no wonder that thousands of tourists visit the country each year. Although Guatemala, like any country, isn’t without its problems, it also has a lot to offer for its smallest tourists: the children. Explore ten facts about Guatemala for kids!

1. The First Humans Arrived in Guatemala around 18,000 BC

One of the most advanced ancient civilizations lived in Guatemala for thousands of years. That civilization was the Mayans, and you can still visit their ruins in various cities in Guatemala!

2. The Official Language People Speak in Guatemala is Spanish

Hola amigo! Like the rest of the continent of Central America, the primary language spoken in Guatemala is Spanish. To compare that to America, Spanish is currently the second most popular language followed by French and Chinese.

3. The Deepest Lake in Central America is in Guatemala

At over 1,000 feet deep, Lake Atitlan is the deepest lake in Guatemala as well as the entire continent of Central America.

4. Instead of Dollars, Guatemalans Use a Currency that Starts with a “Q”

That currency is called the Guatemalan Quetzal, and as you might have guessed, its symbol is a “Q”.

5. One of the Most Popular Dishes to Try in Guatemala is Called Tapado

The native delicacy includes a combination of coconut, banana, fish, and other herbs and vegetables.

6. Did You Know That the First Chocolate Bar Was Invented in Guatemala?

The Mayans of Guatemala are credited with creating the first chocolate bar! Which chocolate bar is your favorite?

7. Guess What Crop Guatemala Sends Most of to Other Countries?

The main crop Guatemala produces and trades with the world is coffee. People love coffee iced, hot, and with a variety of toppings in it.

8. Guatemala Produces More Jade Than Anywhere Else

Jade is a valuable green stone that’s popular in a wide variety of jewelry. Although it’s popular in Asia, Guatemala is the world’s leading producer of this popular green gem.

9. Want to See Real Lava Flowing from a Volcano? Visit Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala!

Many volcano sightings just have you seeing an impressive mountain. But the Pacaya Volcano is known as one of the most active in Guatemala. Check it out if you want to see lava from a safe distance!

10. If You’re a Chocolate Fan, Visit the City of Antigua for Some of the World’s Best

Like chocolate? With a rich history in making the sweet stuff, the city of Antigua in Guatemala has some of the best chocolate in the world. Explore chocolate museums, chocolate stores, chocolate classes, and try a variety of bars, truffles, and other chocolate candies.

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