Guatemala Volcano Eruption 2018 – How You Can Help

by Kim

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The volcanoes of Guatemala have drawn many tourists to the country, but on June 3, 2018, the Vulcan de Fuego erupted, causing heavy damage to the land and its people. Located about 25 miles from Guatemala City, the massive volcano killed at least 109 people with hundreds still missing. Learn more about the 2018 Guatemala volcano eruption that devastated the people of Guatemala and some things you can do to help.

The Vulcan De Fuego Volcano Eruption of 2018

Translated as the “volcano of fire”, Guatemala’s Vulcan de Fuego lived up to its name as it violently erupted on June 3. As one of the 34 volcanos found in Guatemala, Vulcan de Fuego is also exceptionally large, reaching a height of 12,436 feet at its summit. The volcano erupted just 10 miles away from Guatemala’s most famous tourist destination, Antigua.

What Dangers Does The Eruption Pose?

The majority of the victims who lost their lives were directly on the slope of the volcano. Also, many who were in the surrounding area had their homes completely engulfed in ash from its eruption, trapping entire families in the rubble. For those in the area near the volcano, the 1300 degree molten rocks present a constant danger as they spew erratically from the fiery mountain. In addition to the intense heat, the rivers of ash and molten rock formed a devastating combination for those who resided near the volcano.

Loss of Life

Although news sources currently report fatalities of between 100-200 people, the true count remains unknown. This disturbing account from Efrain Suarez, a local truck driver who’s working at the site of the eruption and ensuing landslide, describes the nearly impossible task of finding people in the rubble:

“Nobody is going to be able to get them out or say how many are buried here” he explains. As a heavy machinery driver, Efrain says that brining in the necessary heavy machinery could cause further damage to those who are still trapped under mountains of ash and molten rock.

Wide-Reaching Effect of the 2018 Volcano Eruption

In addition to the direct loss of life and property, there are numerous other ways that this disaster will impact the people of Guatemala. Much of the land surrounding the volcano remains uninhabitable and will require extensive time and labor to clean up. Additionally, with thousands evacuated and without homes, it could be years before Guatemala completely recovers from this damage.

Hogar Heroes Can Help You Donate to the Victims of Vulcan de Fuego

Thousands of Guatemalans have been displaced from homes that have been destroyed. This disaster is impacting a country that is no stranger to misfortune. Guatemala has suffered years of turmoil and poverty, leaving many children without homes or families. The Hogar Heroes campaign of Work, Play, Love is focused on helping the orphaned children of Guatemala. We work to provide funding for two orphanages just outside of Guatemala City, regularly scheduling volunteer trips as well.

If you are looking for a way to help the people of Guatemala, please consider making a donation to support the country’s orphans. You can learn more about our volunteer trips here as well. Thank you for any contribution you can make. Change a life today.

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