How Can I Help Orphans Without Adopting?

by Kim

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While adoption can be a great way to change the life of an orphaned child, it’s far from the only way. If you know that adoption isn’t for you but you have a desire to offer your time or money to help orphans, you may be surprised at all of the ways you can help. From sponsoring a child to volunteering, there are many other options for helping orphans near you or abroad. Read on to explore how you can help orphans without adopting.

What Type Of Help Can You Provide?

The options you’re best suited for will depend on what you’re realistically able to provide. For example, someone who is youthful, energetic, and fit may not have much money, but they might be an ideal person to volunteer at an orphanage. Conversely, someone who may want to make a financial difference without disrupting their busy schedule can donate money by sponsoring a child or offering funds to an orphanage or charity. These options are equally beneficial to orphans and the orphanages that care for them.

Volunteering At An Orphanage

If you’re open to volunteering at an orphanage in your local community or abroad, the first step will be contacting them by phone or email. Once you establish a schedule and the services you can offer, they may require you to pass a screening process. Since most orphanages need help for everything from painting and cleaning to teaching and visiting with kids, there is almost always a strong need for volunteers.

Visit our Volunteer page for info on how you can join Hogar Heroes on a trip to help orphanages in Guatemala.

Sponsor A Child

Many organizations receive donations from people who follow the child’s progress as their life improves. As commonly seen in TV ads, this option usually features a low fee with a claim that just a few cents per day can change a child’s life. Organizations like World Vision let you view children who are in need and choose one to support via their sponsorship program.

In addition to supporting two orphanages outside of Guatemala City, Hogar Heroes works with many other village children who visit the orphanages for care and education. Although we do not provide individual sponsorship programs, a donation to Hogar Heroes can go a long way to help improve the lives of these children.

Host A Child In Your Home For 4-6 Weeks

This is not available at all orphanages, but it may be a way you can help out without committing to a full adoption. A program called New Horizons, for instance, lets you choose a child to host in your home for a period of six weeks or less. The goal of the program is to give the child the experience of a loving family, and broaden their horizons of what their life can be like. Choosing to participate in this program is completely different from adoption, although some families do end up adopting the children they host.

Sponsor An Orphan Graduate Program

Orphan graduate programs help orphans by helping them to build life skills after they leave the orphanage. Unfortunately, drug addiction is a leading cause of why many American kids are admitted into foster care, and some of these kids will turn to drugs themselves. Some cities have orphan graduate programs that could benefit greatly from whatever donation you choose to provide.

Help The Orphaned Children Of Guatemala

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Hogar Heroes is experienced in connecting those who are willing to help the children who need it most. If you’re interested in volunteering for a trip to an orphanage in Guatemala or have some other request, give us a chance to help you. Please contact us for more information on donating or volunteering.


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