How Does An Orphanage Work?

by Kim

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There are currently over 370,000 orphans in Guatemala. These orphans have either lost their parents or were given up due to an inability or unwillingness to raise them. Fortunately, the people who work in the many orphanages in Guatemala strive to give hope, shelter, and love to orphans who need it. Learn more about how an orphanage works and how you can help to support them.

A Brief History Orphanages

Orphanages have existed as places to care for unwatched children for centuries. Although the goal is the same, many of the laws and methods have changed. For example, America and many European countries have closed most of their orphanages in favor of support for foster care or direct support for families. Nonetheless, orphanages of the world still exist as safe havens for children who don’t have parents or family who are able to care for them.

How Does An Orphanage Work In Guatemala?

With over 370,000 orphans in Guatemala, orphanages are crucial for providing much-needed food and shelter. While orphanages in some countries are funded by the government, most international orphanages struggle financially, and benefit greatly from donations. This is the case with the orphanages of Guatemala. Relying heavily on donations, these orphanages serve as the last bastion of hope for hundreds of thousands of children.

What Services Do Orphanages Provide?

Orphanages are the main lifeline for numerous children in Guatemala. At an orphanage, these children can get the food, shelter, and education they need to survive and thrive. But although there is enough to keep these kids alive, their lives are still often difficult. Reasons for this span from lack of resources to too few adults for the number of children who need them. However, without the services provided by these orphanages, thousands of kids would have nowhere to go and no source of food or safety.

Why Are There So Many Orphans In Guatemala?

Guatemala has an undeniably high number of orphans per capita, and their poverty crisis is largely to blame. For reasons that include a history of bitter civil war and the inability of the government to effectively collect taxes, Guatemala has one of the worst poverty rates in the world. Learn more about this subject in our previous blog post.

How Can You Help Kids In Guatemalan Orphanages?

While America is not approving adoptions from Guatemalan orphanages at the moment, there are other ways you can make a difference. These orphanages survive on the donations of those who can provide them, and on the volunteers who offer their time to help. For more information, read our previous blog post on how you can help orphans without adopting.

Support Hogar Heroes

The Hogar Heroes program of Work, Play, Love is dedicated to helping the orphaned children of Guatemala. If you’re able to make a donation with Hogar Heroes, it will go directly towards helping a girl or boys orphanage in Guatemala. Alternatively, those who can offer their time will find volunteering in Guatemala to be an extremely fulfilling experience for everyone involved.

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