Living Conditions In Guatemala In 2018

by Kim

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Guatemala is a country of great wealth, yet the majority of its people live in poverty. For that reason, the living conditions in Guatemala differ greatly. From a recent volcano eruption that took hundreds of lives to a populace where 80% live in poverty, Guatemala is a country with serious challenges. However, tourism is Guatemala’s number one source of income and in that area, Guatemala does not disappoint. Explore the realities of what life would be like if you lived in Guatemala.

Life in Antigua – One of Guatemala’s Most Popular Cities

If there’s anywhere in Guatemala that is a hub of international culture, it’s Antigua. With many well-known Spanish-speaking schools, Antigua attracts people from many walks of life. As historic as Antigua is, it’s also alive with people going to its restaurants, shops, and churches, and exploring its unique form of architecture. As you might imagine, some of the best living conditions in Guatemala would be found near the cultural hotspot of Antigua.

Highly Affordable with a Volcano View

You may assume that living near a city as culturally rich as Antigua would cost a fortune, but a loft with a view of the nearby volcano is available for just $350 per month including Wi-Fi and other amenities. Not only is life near Antigua affordable, but you won’t run out of things to do for a long time.

Must-See Attractions near Antigua

Those who live near a cultural metropolis like Antigua have many fun and interesting options available. From ancient Mayan ruins and ceremonies to shops and restaurants that are distinctly Guatemalan, life near the city has something for everyone. The adventurous can go on volcano hikes, zip lining tours, and bird watching tours, while foodies will appreciate the Chocolate Factory and authentic Guatemalan cuisine found throughout the city.

Life in Rural Parts of Guatemala

Make no mistake. The quaint lifestyle available near major cities is nothing like the way citizens live in Guatemala’s more rural regions. The poverty isn’t limited to the citizens of Guatemala but affects the local governments as well. Due to a lack of quality healthcare, life expectancy in Guatemala is a remarkably low—65 years of age in some areas.

Foods that Are Quintessential to Guatemala

Foods that are common to Guatemalans from all areas include corn, beans, plantains, papaya, fish, and various meats.

Which Alcoholic Beverages are Popular in Guatemala?

Those who enjoy a cold drink while living in the warm weather will find a lot of rum, lime, and cocktails of Spanish influence.

Hogar Heroes Can Help You See Guatemala First Hand

As you can see, living conditions in Guatemala can vary wildly. Here at Hogar Heroes, we dedicate our efforts to improving the living conditions for orphaned children near Guatemala City. We host several volunteer trips to support these orphanages each year. Please visit our Volunteer page for more info, or consider Making a Donation to help make a major difference in the lives of these children.

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