Thank You To Our Recent Hogar Heroes!

by Kim

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Here at Hogar Heroes, we are dedicated to providing much-needed assistance for orphans in Guatemala who truly need it. Funds are scarce for most of the population in Guatemala, and that’s true for the orphanages as well—many of which survive primarily on the donations of kind-hearted people like you. Fortunately, we’ve had a great response through our Hogar Heroes program. We would like to take a moment to highlight some of our most recent donors who’ve made a difference in the lives of the orphaned children that we care about so much.

Meet Some of Our Recent Heroes

Our team at Hogar Heroes appreciates every donation we’ve received. We are especially grateful to all of our most generous heroes. Check out some of the recent donors who’ve graciously offered their funds to help the orphans and orphanages of Guatemala.

Hogar Hero: Matt Curry Donated More Than $9,000

Matt has been a Hogar Hero for many years, and his recent donation was truly a blessing for Hogar Heroes. We plan to use these funds for a great purpose. One of the most popular places for kids to play at one of our orphanages in Guatemala is at a play area that currently doesn’t have a roof. Thanks to Matt’s donation, we’ll be able to put a roof on this structure so the children can enjoy it even in the rain or intense heat. According to Matt, it was worth every penny:

“I love the fact that I’m helping to provide girls and boys with a roof over their heads, good meals, and clothes so that they have a safe place to just be kids like kids are supposed to be. I also love that 100% of my donation goes to them!”

Other Recent Donors & Volunteers

In addition to Matt’s very generous donation, we wanted to note a couple of other recent donors and volunteers:

  • A group of four from San Diego who run a drama camp donated $671 to helping our orphans
  • Some volunteers with us recently donated over 75 towels to the boys who needed them
  • We recently hosted a volunteer trip where we provided medicine and a couple days of relief for the teachers in the orphanages
  • … And the list of how your donations are changing lives goes on

Thank you so much for all of your assistance! We are truly grateful for your support, and you are making a difference in the lives of many children in need.

We Are Grateful for Your Continued Support!

At Hogar Heroes, we couldn’t have more gratitude for the support we’ve received from our donors. We’re thrilled to report that those donations have been used in meaningful ways, ultimately helping the Guatemalan orphans and orphanages that need it the most. We know that money is scarce and hard-earned, but we also see the significant difference that the donors make in the lives of these children. From the bottom of our hearts, Hogar Heroes wants to thank you for your continued support.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can help, visit our Donation page and our Volunteer page.

Thank you!

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