Things To Know When Traveling To Guatemala

by Kim

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With a rich culture and natural wonders unlike anywhere else in the world, there are a lot of reasons why people travel to Guatemala. The country has much to love for those who appreciate adventure, including 33 volcanoes, clear green lakes, and ancient ruins you can explore. But it’s important to understand that not every aspect of Guatemala is beneficial for tourists. The country is among the poorest in the world, so there are definitely precautions to observe before traveling there. Read this guide for some of the top things to know when traveling to Guatemala.

What Should You Bring On Your Trip?

The laws of Guatemala allow you to stay for 90 days without a visa, but an updated passport is a must-have. As for clothing, most of Guatemala is hot and humid, but temperatures drop significantly as you hike to higher elevations. How you dress will depend greatly on whether you plan on hiking to the mountain ranges and volcanoes or not. If not, it’s safe to expect a tropical climate. Many tourists enjoy shopping in Guatemala’s popular cities like Antigua, but it’s worth noting that the maximum you can bring into the country is $10,000.

Main Reasons To Travel To Guatemala

Guatemala attracts thousands of tourists each year for a wide variety of reasons. Casual tourists will enjoy discovering its rich culture and authentic cuisine as they walk through its ancient cities. The more adventurous will find much to marvel at in the way of volcanoes, mountain ranges, and hiking trails. Learn more about the remarkable attractions that entice people to visit Guatemala:

Home To 33 Volcanos

The most unique natural phenomena to explore in Guatemala is their 33 volcanoes. Upon arriving at the most popular destination of Antigua, tourists can see the Fuego Volcano towering along the outskirts of the city. If you’re heading to Guatemala City, you’re bound to notice the Pacaya Volcano and may even be able to see eruptions of lava spouting from its peak. If you’re arriving at Guatemala through Mexico, then you’re likely to see the Tacana Volcano rising 1800 meters into the skyline.

Unique Towns & Ruins To Explore

The most popular city for tourists to visit is the colonial city of Antigua. With cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, a stroll through Antigua is a truly unique experience. Foodies and shoppers will find a lot to appreciate as they explore the culture of Guatemala. If walking through ancient ruins is in your travel plans, the Mayan Ruins in Tikal are an absolute must-see.

Safety Concerns When Traveling To Guatemala

It’s impossible to mention travel to Guatemala without also explaining that it’s a country wrought with poverty. There’s a real risk of crime in certain areas. As of January 2018, the US Embassy rates travel to Guatemala at a Level 3 due to recent crimes and civil unrest. To maximize your chances of safety, it’s best to have a clear plan and multiple payment options to avoid getting stuck somewhere or lost.

Vaccinations Before Traveling

The most important vaccinations to get before visiting Guatemala are Hepititis-B and Typhoid as both can be contracted from drinking the water.

Consider Volunteering In Guatemala

If you’ve been considering visiting Guatemala, you may be interested in volunteering while you’re there. Hogar Heroes is always in need of volunteers to help support a boys and girls orphanage outside of Guatemala City. We organize 3-4 trips per year, and you can learn more on our Volunteer page.

Traveling to Guatemala with Hogar Heroes isn’t for everyone, but if you love to help and are up for the challenge, we can provide you with the opportunity. Don’t hesitate to contact us for information on how you can help orphaned children in the country who desperately need it.

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