Top Organizations That Help Children In Need

by Kim

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Approximately one billion children live in poverty worldwide. This is alarming, but when you consider that 80 percent of the world lives in poverty, it begins to make sense. Children who live in poverty often struggle for the most basic of essentials, including food, shelter, clean clothing, and school supplies. Fortunately, hundreds of organizations exist with the sole goal of helping these needy children. Discover top organizations that help children in need, and learn how you can contribute as well.

Organizations That Help Children

While their methods and locations may differ greatly, the following are some of the top organizations that help children in need:

1. Children International

With over one million children helped in 10 countries, Children International has been assisting young people in need for over 80 years. If you’re looking for a reputable way to donate and fight child poverty, this is definitely one of the most credible organizations. Among its awards is a top rating on Charity Watch.

2. Be Active Kids

Dedicated to keeping kids exercising and healthy, Be Active Kids is a program that uses characters that kids will love to help them stay fit. With success that is backed by evidence, Be Active Kids is a division of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

3. Help the Children

The aptly named Help the Children organization provides food, supplies, and other items to help children in need. If you’re looking to donate, Help the Children uses a remarkable 98% of its donations directly toward providing aid for children.


While not a typical charity organization, has revolutionized the way volunteering works. Peruse the site, and within minutes, you can find a variety of ways to use your time to help children in your area.

5. International Rescue Committee

Following the recent enforcement of immigrant laws, more than 2,000 children remain separated from their parents. The International Rescue Committee is an organization that is helping to reunite them.

6. The Smile Foundation

The Smile Foundation was founded by a group of businessmen with the goal of using localized efforts to assist children in need. Your donations go to a wide range of programs that help children.

7. Save the Children

Save the Children uses various programs to provide valuable supplies and help for children across 120 countries.

8. Keeping Children Safe

Dedicated to shielding children from exploitation, abuse, and other harm, Keeping Children Safe offers protection for those who need it most.

9. One Child’s Village

Focusing on children who have had their lives changed by the AIDS epidemic in Africa, One Child’s Village provides various services including new latrines and uniforms for children who need them.

10. Youthlinc

A unique organization based in Utah, Youthlinc maximizes the energy and ambition of children who want to offer their volunteer services to those in need.

Join Hogar Heroes in Helping the Children of Guatemala

Children in all countries live in varying degrees of poverty and are in need of help. The children of Guatemala are among the poorest in the world. The Hogar Heroes program of Work, Play, Love is dedicated to helping these children.

Our funds go to support the operations of two orphanages outside of Guatemala City, one for boys and one for girls. These orphanages also serve as a safe haven for village children with nowhere else to go. Donate now to make a real difference in the lives of children who need it most. Please also check out our Volunteer page for more info on volunteer trips to assist with the orphanages and children.

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